Name Research Areas and Centers

Chenna Rajaram


structural dynamics, earthquake engineering and analysis and design of RC structures

 Harsh Satya 


Indian darshanas and traditional Indian society
Jayachandran S -
Kumara Swamy G  Theater Teaching and Training,India and China (CEH)

 Mulualem Teku 


network security, IPv6, security and privacy in emerging technologies (mobile, UbiComp, internet of things, etc), intrusion detection and prevention  

Naini Arora 


theory of photography as art and aesthetics, visual arts and aesthetics
  Pranav Kumar Vasishta 

dharma and polity, theoretical computer science

Rajesh Kumar Tavva  


ontology engineering, vaisesika darsana, mereology
Saroja T K  Indian Classical music with focus on South Indian music (CEH)
Shajil K G  

Sunil M. Lohar


folk art and aesthetic
   Swajit Singh Goud  Performance Based Design, Earthquake Engineering Centre (EERC)


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