Adjunct Faculty

Name Affiliation Research Areas
Bipin Indurkhya University of Massachusetts Robotics, computer and creativity, computer and education, metaphor and cognition
Gopalakrishnan B.  Tata Consultancy Services bioinformatics and dtructural Biology: protein Biophysics, NMR of biomolecules receptor-ligand interactions structure/activity/property-based computer-aided drug design functional annotation of genes, protein trafficking in plasmodium falciparum
Janakiram MSV Analyst | Advisor | Architect Janakiram & Associates  
Manish Gupta Microsoft, India Web Mining, Data Mining, Databases, Algorithms.
Manoj Kumar Chinnakotla Microsoft, India Information Retrieval, NLP and Machine Learning
Naveena Yanamala Staff Scientist,
Health Effects Laboratory Division,
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH),
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
interdisciplinary approaches in investigating structure and dynamics of biological molecules; molecular modeling and docking; machine learning techniques for structure based drug design.
Prasad Pingali SETU Software System P.Ltd. information retrieval, information extraction, automatic summarization, question answering, sentiment/opinion analysis, semantic web.
Ramesh Loganathan Progress Software distributed systems and middleware technologies
Syamasundar Reddy G. ANGRAU, Hyderabad ICTs in agriculture - crop production, protection and marketing advisory


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