Self Evaluation Form


Self Evaluation Form
Matching your profile with IIIT-Hyderabad
June, 2013
This form is to help you evaluate whether your goals and aspirations match with institutional goals of IIIT-H. This is for your own use in evaluating whether you should seek admission to IIIT-H. Do not mail it to IIIT-H.
Mark answer to each question by selecting only one choice.
SECTION-I Admission to BTech in CSE or ECE
Life long learning
Computer Science and Electronics & Communications are fields where advancements are rapid. They require long hours of study and life long learning because new tools and technologies come at a rapid pace.
Fill Your Choice
A.    How would you rate yourself in putting in long hours of work during undergraduate study? Answer 1 to 5 as your choice:
1. Strongly willing 
2. Willing
 3. Neutral attitude – will do only if required
 4. Not willing
 5. Not willing at all
B.    Would you be prepared for life long learning, i.e., learning new technologies as old ones become obsolete even before your studies are over?
    (1. Strongly willing    …    5. Not willing at all) _______
Interest in programming
C.    Do you dislike programming?
   (Answer only if you know programming, otherwise leave it blank)
    (1. No, I like programming a lot    …    5. Yes, I dislike programming)
D.   Do you like playing with technology or tinkering with gadgets?         
    (1. Strongly like, 2. Like    …    5. Strongly dislike) _______
Research Orientation
Even leading institutions and colleges which teach computer science and which train you well in programming, do not care to prepare you for research. IIIT-H is a research oriented institute and encourages even the undergraduates to do research or develop new technologies.
E.    What kind of work do you like to do after completing your BTech? I would like to do:
    1. Research in academic or industrial R & D
    2. Entrepreneur of a new technology company
    3. Engineer in IT industry
    4. Manager in a company
F.    I enjoy doing the following the most:
    1. Working on projects – exploring new ideas
    2. Designing new gadgets or software
    3. Managing things
    4. Drifting along
G.    The following items give qualities in decreasing order of priority. Choice (1 to 5) that fits my priorities the best is:
    1. Creativity, analysis, appreciation by others, money
    2. Analysis, creativity, appreciation, money
    3. Analysis, creativity, money, appreciation
    4. Appreciation, analysis, money, creativity
    5. Money, appreciation, analysis, creativity
Simplicity in Life
IIIT-H while providing comfortable infra-structure, emphasizes “simple living and high thinking”. Students are expected to do their own work including washing their own plate after meals.
H.    I am willing to do my own work                                                 
    (1. Strongly willing    …    5. Not willing at all) _______
I.    While emphasizing studies with all around development in culture, sports and yoga, IIIT-H gives greatest importance to developing character. Are you willing to join in experiments of character development through self discovery and building of inner strength?                                                     
    (1. Strongly willing    …    5. Not willing at all) _______
Each choice in a question carries points equal to its serial number (1 to 5). Add up all the points for your choices.
TOTAL of SECTION I _______
SECTION-II: Dual Degree Programs
Dual-degree programs lead to two degrees B.Tech. (Honours) in CSE/ECE/BSD  (as the case may be), plus a Masters degree through research. Normally, one should be able to finish all the requirements for both the degrees in 5-years.
These are the premium programs of the Institute. If you are research minded, these are the programs for you. After that you can decide whether to take up industry R & D or to do PhD.
J.    I want to do projects and discover something new in CSE or ECE or BSD
    (1. Strongly willing    …    5. Not willing at all) . _______
If you are interested in sciences or humanities or linguistics (as the case may be) besides CS, then you can opt for trans-disciplinary programs in the domains of Computational Natural Sciences (CNS) or Exact Humanities (EH) or Computational Linguistics (CL). Under these programs, you get a BTech in Computer Science and Masters in the relevant domain. Many future advances in CSE will come via the domain areas. For example, many advances in artificial intelligence are likely to come through Computational Linguistics. It will also lead to development of technology by which computers will interact in human language. Similarly, humanities may help in discovering new ways of building cooperative computer systems or understanding human society.
K.    Are you interested in studying any one of the domain areas (CNS or CL or EH) with computation?                                             
    (1. Strongly willing    …    5. Not willing at all) _______ 
Self Evaluation
Read below only after you have finished answering all the questions and done the totaling in Section I.
Section – I
  • Score of 9-13: You are suitable for joining IIIT-H for B.Tech. in CSE or ECE.
  • Score of 14-17: Think carefully about your goals, get more information about
IIIT-H, and consider carefully whether your goals match before selecting IIIT-H.
  • Score of greater than 17: Your aspirations do not match with goals of education at IIIT-H. You should look elsewhere for admission.
Section – II
  • If you scored 1-2 for question J, you should choose dual degree in CSE or ECE
  • If you scored 1-2 for question K, you should choose dual degree in a domain area, Computational Natural Science, Computational Linguistics or Exact Humanities as the case may be.

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