Jagruti and Navjivan


Jagruti and Navjivan


On the 16th of July, 2002 International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad held its first Convocation where its first batch of students in the UG and PG graduated to face a new life. The day also witnessed the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu, speaking of the establishment of a nodal agency for all e-governance activities (what is now called National Institute for Smart Government)as a 'School of Excellence' in the IIIT campus. With Indian School of Business to the South of its campus, and University of Hyderabad to the West, with IIIT in between -- this 'Knowledge Corridor' was also being planned to become host to several IT companies apart from the CMC campus, opposite to which IIIT is located. The road leading to IIIT - then called the Old Bombay Highway (now named after Prof. C. R. Rao) which had a sleepy traffic was well on its course to welcome new and increased traffic given the expansion plans. To meet the requirements of the expected increase in traffic, the single lane Old Bombay Highway road from the Gachibowli to University of Hyderabad stretch was now planned to be widened. Road widening measures meant the removal of the obstacles on the way, and two lovely trees, belonging to the Banyan family, that stood right opposite to IIIT campus on the other side of the road, were to be felled. It takes years to have a well grown Banyan.

The moment information about the felling of the trees reached the 'Banyan' family inside the campus (Banyan being IIIT's official logo as also India's National Tree), it struck the minds of the educated elders to act by responding appropriately to the situation. At that time, in 2002, only a quarter of the sixty-two acre campus was under utilization and no Banyan could be sighted by people as they criss-cross the campus. Having agreed to address this lacuna in the landscape of the campus along with the thought that it augurs well to have Banyans on campus, a decision was taken to get the two trees outside the campus transplanted in the campus.

This move and the reasons behind the same were communicated to the IIIT 'Banyan' family. This generated awareness as well as an awakening amongst the students to respond to the situations in their vicinity, first by thought and deliberation and then by appropriate action. The installation of transplanted Banyan trees from the highway was met with great enthusiasm and a poll was conducted on the Intranet Discussion Forum for naming them. From amongst the various suggestions, two names were found to be apt.

It was on the 2nd of September 2002, celebrating IIIT's fifth Foundation Day, the two named Banyan trees -- Jagruti and Navjivan -- were installed inside the campus, and thus inviting attention as well as striking one's imagination by awakening (Jagruti) the expanding sense of the 'Banyan' and thereby a new life (Navjivan).




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