The education system is failing to prepare students for life and living. The graduates are neither aware of their surroundings nor of their own self, and face life with difficulty. they have to learn by themselves how to deal with life, which includes examining ones goals, identifying and sorting out conflicts, dealing with relationships in family and friends, understanding society and a mutually enriching relationship with nature. With the focus of education only on the external things, students tend to join into a blind race for wealth, position and jobs. many times, it leads to jobs and positions that are intellectually and mentally unfulfilling, and wealth that breeds chaos in family, problems in society, and imbalance in nature.

The higher education is particularly focused on skills. Knowingly or unknowingly, it concentrates on providing the students with the skills to do things. In other words, it concentrates on providing “how to do” things. The aspect of understanding “what to do” or “why something should be done” is assumed. No significant cogent material on understanding is imparted as a part of the curriculum.

The conference will deliberate on some critical aspects of Human values in higher education; particularly the following:

  • The need for including human values in higher education

  • Share existing practices & experiences in imparting human values in higher education

  • The Guidelines, content and process (methodology) for imparting human values in higher education

  • Deliberate on the requirements for holistic education