Phase II of UG Admissions 2010

(Candidates should have registered under Phase I and received  Identification code to move through Phase II of admission process.)


Registered candidates must have the received identification code with them before they can proceed with the following steps. Kindly keep the identification code safe and secure and do not share it with others.


Phase II consists of the following steps:

  1. Online filling of AIEEE result

  2. Online filling of Program Choice Preferences

  3. Seat allotment and Acceptance of Allotment

A. On-line filling of AIEEE result (This link will be active from 7 - 15 June 2010)
  1. All registered candidates should fill the following information as per their AIEEE result card

    1. AIEEE Roll Number

    2. All India Rank (AIR Overall)

    3. Paper I (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) Marks

        2.  In case the registered candidate has not provided their 12th class result in phase I, they must provide now.

If you have any problem to log-in to Phase II registration form using Identification code, Please send a mail to with the following details Name, email id, date of birth, identification code, receipt number, AIEEE roll number, credit card number (for verification) to sort out the issue.


B. On-line filling of Programme Choice Preferences (This link will be active from 7 - 15 June 2010)

All registered candidates are required to choose academic programs of the institute by giving their preferences among following programs.

The institute offers the following seven programs


Number of seats

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering


B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering – Dual Degree


B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering


B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering – Dual Degree


B.Tech in Computer Science and MS in Computational Natural Sciences


B.Tech in Computer Science and MS in Computational Linguistics


B.Tech in Computer Science and MS in Exact Humanities


The registered students must go through the details of each programme, and evaluate their suitability to each of the programs. They can also go through the letter from the Director and evaluate their suitability for the research oriented curriculum of the academic programs at the institute before giving their choices.

The process of on-line choice filling is as follows:

  1. Login into the portal using the identification code.

  2. Give the preference order for the programs.

  3. Save the preference order.


A registered candidate can change their preference order any number of times from June 7 to June 14 (both days included). The preference order cannot be changed after 14 June 2010.


The last saved preference order will be used to allocate the seats to the candidates.


The applications of registered candidates who do not complete steps A and B above will be cancelled, and these candidates will not be considered for seat allotment.


C. Seat Allotment and Acceptance of Allotment

C.1 Seat Allotment

There can be up to four rounds of seat allotment depending upon the number of vacant seats in various programmes. All registered students must check whether they have been allotted a seat for a programme; if so, they must Accept the Allotment during the stipulated Acceptance of Allotment period.

The allotment of seats to candidates who do not Accept the Allotment within the stipulated Acceptance of Allotment period will be cancelled. These candidates will not be considered for later seat allotment rounds.

Seat Allotment Rounds and Stipulated Acceptance of Allotment Period

Seat Allotment rounds

Allotment date

Stipulated Acceptance of Allotment Period

(both days included)

1st round of seat allotment

17 June 2010

18 – 26 June 2010

2nd Round of seat allotment

2 July 2010

3 – 12 July 2010

3rd Round of seat allotment

15 July 2010

16 – 20 July 2010

4th Round of seat allotment

23 July 2010

24 – 27 July 2010

The result of each allotment round will be available on portal which the candidate can access using the identification code.


C.2. Acceptance of Allotment

C.2.1. Payment of initial fee

A candidate who has been allotted a seat must pay an initial fee of Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty five thousand). The payment is to be made by demand draft only. The demand draft has to be drawn in favour of “International Institute of Information Technology – Hyderabad”, payable at Hyderabad. The initial payment will be adjusted against the total fee to be paid to the institute.

Acceptance of Allotment consists of

  1. Online Acceptance of Allotment

  2. Sending of demand draft and a copy of AIEEE result card to the institute


C.2.1.1. Online Acceeptance of Allotment

The candidate must have the demand draft details and AIEEE result card to accept the allotment.

The candidate must use the identification code for online Acceptance of Allotment and provide the demand draft details.

Candidates who are allotted seat to a lower preferred programme, will be automatically considered for seat allotment for higher preferred programme in the next round of seat allotment. A candidate who does not want to change the allotted programme can opt out of this during the online Acceptance of Allotment.


C.2.1.2. Sending of Demand draft and a copy of AIEEE result card to the institute

The candidate must submit to the institute the demand draft and copy of the AIEEE result card during the stipulated Acceptance of Allotment period for the round in which the seat was allotted, either in person or through courier to the institute address:

UG Admissions 2010
International Institute of Information Technology
Hyderabad 500032


C.3 Cancellation of allotment

If a candidate who has accepted the allotment, changes his/her mind about joining the institute should inform the institute about their decision as early as possible through the online portal. As an incentive, candidates who inform earlier get a larger refund of their initial payment. Please note that an early cancellation would free the seat and allow it to be offered to another candidate in the next round of seat allotment.


C. 3. 1. Cancellation Deadlines

The institute will refund part of the initial payment depending on when the candidate cancels the seat allotted.

Date of Cancellation (both days included)

Amount Refunded out of Initial Payment

18 June 2010 to 30 June 2010

Rs. 25,000/-

1 July 2010 to 13 July 2010

Rs. 20,000/-

14 July 2010 to 21 July 2010

Rs. 15,000/-

22 July 2010 to 26 July 2010

Rs. 5,000/-

C.3.2. On-line Cancellation Procedure

The candidate must use their identification code to cancel the seat allotment. Additional information from your AIEEE result card may be required to cancel your allotment. Cancellation must be done online only.

Candidates who cancel their seat allotment will not be considered for later seat allotment rounds.


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